Dale Classic 45 and Dale Nelson 38 custom motorboats

NEWS latest update : December   2014

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NEW DALE Classic 35 World Debut at Southampton Boat Show

Our stunning new DALE Classic 35 made it’s World Debut at the Southampton Boat Show on 12th
September. From the drawing board of TT Boat Designs, the 35 is the third planing hull to emerge from the DALE yard.
In 2010 we launched the DALE 23, our first fully planing hull. To say it wowed the boating world is an
undersatement - Motor Boat and Yachting magazine likened its cornering abilities to a formula 1 powerboat! So high standards were expected of the Classic 35, and we’re glad to say it has exceeded every expectation – take a look at the video to see just what an accomplished craft this is.
You can also read a full test in the October issue of Motor Boat and Yachting magazine.
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NEW Boats on Brokerage

No one knows a pre-owned DALE like the people who built it.
Buying a boat from the DALE brokerage means you’re buying from the people who know the
detailed?history of the boat, in many cases carried out the servicing and maintained it to the same
meticulous?standards to which it was originally built. View the boats >>

A new force in Commercial Boat Building

Clive Jeffrey of South Catamarans Ltd is a name that needs no introduction to the world of commercial boat building. His boats serving the fishing, pilot, windfarm, ferry and enforcement sectors have a reputation as rugged work horses with impeccable standards of seakeeping – not surprising when you discover that like DALE, his hulls have been created with the expertise of TT Boat Designs.
We are delighted to announce that DALE Nelson Commercial has now started building Clive’s designs with a range of 10–13m catamarans that are the ideal complement to our exsiting range of Nelson mono hull work boats.
Our first ‘cat’ is already in building and following this year’s Seawork show, enquiry levels for further builds are already very strong.
Download the DALE Nelson Commercial Brochure>>

DALE Nelson 34 launched

The DALE Nelson 34 is another of our planing hulls developed follwing the success of the DALE 23 – with the boating press being so effusive about its performance and handling abilities it created a lot of interest with owners who were looking for a larger boat, and so the concept for the DALE Nelson 34 was born. A hardtop version, following the established DALE Classic style is also be available.
You can witness the progress of the entire build of the the Nelson 34 Open here>>
DALE Nelson 34 more>>

2015 DALE Cruising Weekends

DALE Cruising weekends are great social events and a great way to meet like-minded owners. If you would like details of the 2015 DALE Cruising events, please contact Dirk Aldous at dirkaldous@btinternet.com or Mike Reynolds at mike@dalenelson.co.uk


DALE go sailing!

DALE Corby 36 – the unveiling of our first complete sailing build has caused quite a stir. Racing
sailors?have been delighted to see the DALE standards of construction and fit out on one of ‘their’ types of boat. John Corby was also pleased to see our new Corby brochure – a first for a Corby design...
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